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top-notch engines and transmissions from Stroksocial Autoparts. Experience a boost in performance and durability. Whether you’re into powerful V8s or smooth gearboxes, we’ve got you covered. Trust in Stroksocial Autoparts for reliable and affordable automotive excellence. Hit the road with confidence and style!

All Auto Parts are Available.

Explore a wide range of used car parts and engines. Whether you need specific components or a whole engine, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Every part is carefully checked to make sure it works well. We have parts for all kinds of cars, so no matter what you drive, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to make sure you find what you need without breaking the bank. Trust us to be your go-to place for affordable and reliable used car parts. Give us your requirement and we will provide quality parts and engines, all in one convenient spot!

Quality used engines

Choose from a wide selection of high-quality used engines for all major makes and models.

Reliable transmission options

Find reliable transmission options that have been thoroughly inspected and tested for performance.

Diesel Engine, Cummins, Power Stroke

Our used engines & transmission service provides reliable and affordable options for those in need of replacement parts for their vehicles. We offer a wide selection of high-quality, pre-owned engines and transmissions to ensure a smooth and efficient repair process for your vehicle. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to be the go-to solution for all your engine and transmission needs. Trust us to help get your vehicle back on the road in top condition.

What we offer

Quality Used Engines

Our goal is to offer you affordable options that you can rely on. Find everything you need for your vehicle in one convenient place. Choose us for quality parts that won’t break the bank.

Used Engine or Transmission

Dive into the world of car upgrades with our awesome collection of used car parts. Whether you're eyeing a robust used 5.3 Chevy Vortec or the power-packed used 5.7 Hemi, we've got what your ride craves. Imagine a lineup where even the heartbeat, the used engine transmission, is up for grabs!

Junkyard Car Parts

Explore a goldmine of car history in junkyard car parts. Salvage yards are like hidden treasure chests for car enthusiasts. You can find affordable and unique pieces that bring life back to your ride. It's like a hunt for car stories in these yards, where old engines still have tales to tell in the world of used auto parts.

Used Truck Parts

Upgrade your truck without breaking the bank with our range of used truck parts. Dive into our collection, where each piece tells a story of toughness and endurance. Each piece carries the strength and reliability of trucks. Make your truck better with affordable and reliable choices in the world of used auto parts.


Increased Vehicle Performance

Ever wondered if grabbing a used transmission is a smart move? Well, deciding on this road trip involves a mix of choices. Imagine your car’s heart – all those gears and bits – now imagine it in the world of used auto parts.

In the car world, smart drivers often think about whether buying a second-hand transmission is a good idea. It’s a bit like a puzzle, trying to balance how much you save with how well it performs. Going for a used one can save you money, but you’ve got to look closely to make sure it’s up for the long ride.

So, dip your toes into the details of transmissions. Check out if going for a used one in the land of used auto parts is your perfect road trip companion. After all, each shift in gears tells a tale, and your decision might just add a cool twist to your drive.

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